At Harvard: Part 3

Today, we explored the case of Mid-Missouri Energy’s ethanol production and decisions they faced in late 2007. Frankly, the case was 17 dense pages of grueling facts and 16 pages of graphs and data charts. I know more than I ever thought I would on the issues confronting this energy form and the challenges inherent in its continued production. One classmate suggested algae were a more efficient source of energy and could one day be the country’s total energy solution!

And yes, we did a Finance class on a “Contract Research Organization” (CRO) about to do an IPO and buy two smaller companies. We’re fortunate that our professor loves to bounce (literally, with hands above his head at times) and run (really) around the classroom to ensure we stay engaged and enthused about Weighted Average Cost of Capital, multiples and market valuations. When the projector wouldn’t work, he tore out of the room yelling “Help! Help! Help!” No worries. A techie classmate solved the problem before help arrived.

Tomorrow we start to present our strategies within groups. It’s a competition that lasts several days, and we will vote for the winning strategies until there are only two winners out of 160. Should be lots of fun!

Signing off in my dorm room in Baker Hall,

Kate Simpson

Academic Travel Abroad

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