The Resilience of the Travel Industry

Dear Friends,
Reading the daily news has become an increasingly depressing exercise of late. We, in the travel industry, have our fair share of woes, as discretionary spending slows, retirement funds are halved, and consumer confidence wavers.  So it was a surprise and comfort to me when I attended a meeting in Savannah last week and discovered that the outlook is not doom and gloom in all parts of this nation or world.
Last week, the National Tour Association Leadership team, comprised of tour operators, convention and visitor bureaus, hotels, tourism sites, and travel suppliers met in Savannah. As a member of the NTA’s Leadership team for the past three years, I was delighted to reconnect with some old friends and hear their news.

There’s Luca from Italy who reports Italians are used to a slow economy and he is still selling high-priced trips to affluent compatriots.  David from Ireland tells of large European choral and agricultural groups still going strong.  Student tour operators, who recently met in Colorado Springs, seem to agree that numbers are not dropping for 2009. (Parents continue to make their offspring a priority!)  Midwestern U.S. tour operators credit the fiscal conservatism of their demographic for a steady influx of business.

The energy and enthusiasm that pervades the travel industry was as present as ever in this group–whether wandering the streets of Savannah in search of pirate treasure (!) or sharing ideas in small group or plenary meetings. An outside observer would never doubt that we all love what we do and put our hearts into every endeavor.

It is this positive spirit and passion for travel that will see us all through yet another challenging period in our industry’s history. The human spirit loves to explore, connect and experience new sights and sensations. And we–tour operators, hotels, CVBs, DMOs, and travel suppliers–stand ready and able to fulfill that undeniable human urge–now and well into the future.

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