About Kate

Kate Simpson
Academic Travel Abroad

Kate, daughter of an American diplomat, was raised an expat, living most of her youth in France where she was born. Fluent in French, Kate settled on a more “exotic” language in college, where she fell in love with Mandarin and all things Chinese. Beyond her childhood in France, Kate has lived and studied in Australia, Algeria, Ireland and Taiwan. Kate graduated from Yale with a degree in East Asian Studies and pursued a post-graduate fellowship in Chinese Literature at Taiwan National University before settling in Washington, D.C. After stints in public relations and working on the Hill for Senator Harry Reid, Kate began her career at ATA in 1988 as the China Program Manager and now has her hand in all aspects of Academic Travel Abroad as business, from finance and administration to program development, marketing, sales and customer service. In 2008, Kate completed a three-year executive education program for owners and presidents at Harvard Business School.  Kate is an active member of the National Tour Association’s Leadership Team and the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Leisure Travel Advisory board. Kate loves to travel to hidden corners of the countries she loves most, like Haute Savoie in alpine France or the Ming villages near Huangshan in China. During down time, Kate loves to cook Thai food, bike, hike and read good books.

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