At Harvard: Part 8

I admit I have escaped back home on weekends to get a dose of husband and children during this 3-week stint.  It does one good after living the life of a student–studying until all hours, discussing hot topics with classmates in and out of class, and generally feeling disconnected from the real world, cooped up on … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 7

We’ve arrived at our final week.  We “graduate” Thursday in a full ceremony with Robert Kaplan as our guest speaker (currently Acting President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvard Management Company and formerly our OPM Leadership professor). One classmate will speak on behalf of the Americans and one on behalf of those from other countries.  … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 6

We are winding down on our second week at Harvard Business School.  The Class of OPM37 is starting to realize that this may be the last time we see each other for a while (though a reunion in India next February is already in the works!).  Classmates are taking time after studying to spend evenings … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 5

Since my last entry, it’s been busy!  If you recall, we had voted for the winning strategies and 20 classmates had risen to the top.  These winning strategies were critiqued during 3-hour sessions by assigned groups, then the next day each winner presented their strategy in class before their classmates, and was followed by the prepared critique … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 4

After some very late nights working on our “OAS” (Objective, Advantage, Scope) statements, we met in groups of 8 at 8:30am to review each company’s OAS, comment, question and challenge the strategy declared. In my group, we had a software provider who works with logistics companies Down Under, a Nigerian mobile bank and payment system, … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 3

Today, we explored the case of Mid-Missouri Energy’s ethanol production and decisions they faced in late 2007. Frankly, the case was 17 dense pages of grueling facts and 16 pages of graphs and data charts. I know more than I ever thought I would on the issues confronting this energy form and the challenges inherent … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 2

In our Negotiation class, we studied the case of the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association confrontation of 2004-2005 which resulted in the NHL canceling the season. Here we see how strong egos, water under the bridge, and distrust can lead to stalemate and a lose-lose scenario. The NHL and NHLPA … Continue reading

At Harvard: Part 1

There’s an amazing energy coursing through the campus of Harvard Business School these days. It’s a force to be reckoned with–it’s called OPM37 or HBS’ “Owners/Presidents Management 37th Class.” It only lasts three weeks a year for three years, and this is OPM37’s last year. OPM is one of Harvard Business School’s most prized executive … Continue reading